CT-multi arc ion and magnetron sputtering coating machine 

Model 1100CT1312CT1613CT1618CT1820CT
Chamber size

ψ1100*H 1000 mm

ψ1300*H 1200 mmψ1600*H 1300 mmψ1600*H 1800 mmψ1800*H 2000 mm
System Capabiliy
  • Ultimate vacuum < 6*10-4 Pa
  • Pumping speed : from atmosphere to 5*10-3 Pa less than 20 minutes (dry, clean chamber / without heating / without loading) 
  • Pressure rising rate < 0.3 Pa/h
  • Maximum temperature : 250oC with PID control 
  • Operation mode : Manual mode / Auto mode / Semi-auto mode
  • Internet interface : remote control / remote programing (owner should prepare Notebook or PC for connection)
  • Memory for production parameter recording (about 3-month records) 
Arc module4-6 sets5-10 sets7-14 sets 9-18 sets  12-24 sets 
Sputtering module1-2 sets1-4 sets1-6 sets1-6 sets1-6 sets
Bias powerDC-Pulse, Voltage 0-900V tunable, on/off   ratio 10-80%   tunable, frequency  40-80 KHz
Sputtering powerMid-frequency sputtering power / DC sputtering power / RF sputtering pwer
Pumping system
  • High vacuum pump : Turbo-molecular Pump
  • Roots pump+mechanical pump (Roughing pump) +Mechanical pump (Maintain pump) LEYBOLD 
Jig system
  • Magnetic fluid sealing
  • Planetary rotation system speed : 1-6 RPM, the speed reduced motor can be adjusting continuously with frequency transformer. The jig system is installed on the bottom or top of chamber.
  • The number or axis can be customized 
Coating type
  • TiN (golden series), ZrN (golden series), TiAIN (rose gold series), TiAICN (rose gold series), TiC (grey, black series), Cr (silver), TiO2 (rainbow, blue series)
Power requirementAC 380V-400V,  50-60Hz
Operation GasAr (> 99.9%), N2 (> 99.9%), O2 (> 99.9%),   C2H4 or C2H2 (> 99.9%)
Occupation space3.0 m*3.5 m3.5 m*4.0 m 3.5 m*4.5 m 3.5 m*4.5 m 4.0 m*4.5 m 



Main Products and Services :

  • Plasma System for surface treatment
  • Vacuum coating system
  • Vacuum pump maintenance and rebuild
  • Repair, miantenance and retrofit of plasma-related equipment
  • Vacuum components
  • Vacuum coating service (PVD / CVD)
  • Southeast Asian market development (with offices in Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia) 


Coating :

  • Magnetron sputtering
  • Vacuum cathodic arc
  • PECVD / PVD hybrid method

 Tools :

  • RC-multi arc ion coating machine
  • RC-multi arc ion and magnetron sputtering coating machine
  • CT-multi arc ion and magnetron sputtering coating machine